Short Films and Concept Trailers

Aeonic Impulse - Regretful Insomnia

A music video from the darkest parts of the mind.

The Hit - Feature Film Concept

Based on the play by the same name, The Hit follows a man on his last nerve as he seeks the help of an ex hit-man to get rid of what is truly bothering him.

The Sour Science

After a veteran boxer throws a fight for the mob, his brother questions why he even chooses to continue to step into the ring.

The Itinerary

An older waitress abruptly finds herself without a job, but receives a mysterious package in the mail about what to do next.

Dying Breed - Concept for TV

A college kid must choose between his academics and his growing ties with the Russian mob.


When a relationship is pushed to the edge, a romantic and a realist must choose between the love they share and the love that only exists in their dreams.


Father Michael Rodriguez stumbles across an attempted rape during a late night stroll through an Inner City. When Michael confronts the attacker, he accidentally kills the man. Later, he collides with the Victim he saved, only to be pulled further into her own underbelly of crime.

Outside Paradise

Following two brothers as they journey across a post-apocalyptic American wasteland in search of their survivalist grandfather.